Online bariatric surgery information session

Can’t make it to the in-person information sessions? We also offer them here, at your convenience.

Our information session is designed to inform and educate you about the commitment and lifestyle changes involved with weight-loss surgery. The session is divided into seven video segments, allowing you to stop and start as needed for breaks.   

After viewing all seven video segments, please take the quiz at the bottom of the page. It is designed to assess your understanding of the information. Your performance on the quiz will not determine acceptance into our program. It is not possible to start and stop the quiz, so please complete it in one session.

Once you have reviewed all the videos and completed the quiz below, we will contact you to discuss whether our program is the right fit.

Our staff cannot provide technical support for the online information session. If you are unable to view the videos or perform the quiz online, we invite you to call us to register to attend an on-campus Information session. 


What you'll learn


Part 1: Introduction to our program

Runtime: 11:30

Overview of the Salem Health Bariatric Surgery Center program


Part 2: Are you a candidate for surgery

Runtime: 2:29

Criteria for determining if bariatric surgery is right for you


Part 3: Types of surgery offered

Runtime: 15:31

A description of the types of bariatric surgery offered at Salem Health


Part 4: After surgery and risks of surgery

Runtime: 18:50

Results you can expect after surgery
A comparison of band, bypass and sleeve surgery
Risks associated with surgery


Part 5: Program selection criteria and more information

Runtime: 12:26

Program selection criteria from the Salem Health Bariatric Surgery Center
Insurance information
The bariatric surgery process


Part 6: Nutrition before and after surgery

Runtime: 9:30

Information from our dietitian on nutrition requirements both before and after surgery


Part 7: Steps towards surgery

Runtime: 6:14

Next steps you'll take in the process

Finished the session? Click here to take the quiz!