Cancer treatment

Many options, one goal

A cancer diagnosis changes your life forever. With so many different kinds of cancer that can progress in so many different ways, treatment is complex.

At Salem Health Cancer Institute, we specialize in hope. Our doctors and nurses represent every specialty involved in cancer treatment. Together, they create a treatment plan unique to each patient that uses every tool in the battle against cancer.

We want you to be prepared for whatever treatment path you take. Part of that preparation is knowing the different types of cancer treatment that are available.

Medical oncology includes the medicine-based treatments for cancer, such as hormone therapy and chemotherapy.

Gynecologic oncology is a specialized field that focuses on cancers of the female reproductive system. Salem Health Cancer Institute is affiliated with OHSU to bring this specialized care to Salem. For more information about this program, call 503-814-1434.

Cancer surgery involves physically removing as much of the cancer from the body as possible. This can be done with a traditional, “open” surgery or sometimes in a minimally invasive procedure using a robot. Surgery is often followed up with chemotherapy or radiation to kill any remaining cancer cells.

Preparing for cancer treatment

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