Survivorship Clinic at Salem Health Cancer Institute

As you celebrate the end of your cancer treatment, you may wonder—now what? You probably have concerns, both physical and emotional, as you transition into life after cancer. Our Survivorship Clinic was created to address these concerns and help you reach your best quality of life. 

A personalized plan

Each person is a unique combination of history, values, preferences and needs—all of which will be considered as we work with you on your goals after treatment.

We focus on managing your ongoing symptoms, promoting wellness, supporting both you and your loved ones, and helping you regain a feeling of control over your life and health.

Care and support

While emotional support is a major part of our clinic’s mission, we also provide medical services, including a thorough physical exam. We listen to you and focus on your goals. Our team can help connect you with:

Survivor passport

Your first visit will include a personal visit with an experienced oncology nurse to review your survivor passport. Your passport is a comprehensive notebook that will serve as a resource for you and anyone providing medical care to you in the future. Your passport includes:

  • A summary of your treatment at Salem Health

  • An outline of potential late effects of your treatment

  • Nutrition and physical activity recommendations

  • Follow-up guidelines

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