Imaging tests we perform

Medical imaging, whether a simple x-ray or an advanced machine like PET, CT or MRI, is the easiest way for your physician to get a clearer view of what ails you.

Click on an imaging test below to learn more about how to prepare for your appointment and what to expect when you arrive.

Common imaging tests

  • MRI

  • CT

  • Ultrasound

  • Ultrasound guided breast biopsy

  • Mammography/Breast Health Center

  • X-ray imaging and fluoroscopy

Imaging - Other Tests

  • Bone Scan

  • CSF shunt patency

  • Gastric emptying exam

  • Kidney diuretic washout scan

  • Kidney (renal) flow and function

  • Liver and gallbladder ejection fraction

  • Myocardial perfusion imaging (nuclear stress test)

  • Parathyroid scan

  • PET/CT scan

  • Thyroid carcinoma treatment

  • Thyroid therapy

  • Thyroid uptake and scan

  • Urea breath test

  • Ureteral reflux

  • Ventilation and perfusion lung scan