Ordering priority


Clarify order priority definitions and turnaround time (time of order entry to time of test result or medication received on unit).


The following eight priority definitions will be used for clinical services:

  1. Routine

    Tests collected within two hours of order. Result turnaround time varies by test – see Lab Directory of Service. (Exception: nutritional consults are provided within 24 hours.)

  2. Now

    Used only for pharmacy order to indicate a dose now, then at the standard time for the frequency of the medication. (A “NOW” order for lab is entered as a routine order and should be clarified with the physician if priority doesn’t seem appropriate for the patient status.)

  3. STAT

    Immediate collection of lab sample and performance of testing, generally within 60 minutes. Should only be used for urgent needs.

  4. Scheduled

    Used for a specific date and time in the future. (For lab, specimen collection is +/- ten minutes of specified time.)

  5. AM Rounds

    Lab tests to be collected and performed early in morning. Testing completed and results generally distributed by 8 a.m. (critical care results generally by 7 a.m.).

  6. Stat Draw/Run Routine

    Used to indicate urgent lab collection, but testing may be performed routinely.

  7. Report To Surgery

    Used when ordering STAT lab testing in surgery. Allows automatic reporting directly back to the surgery location.

  8. Report To PACU

Used when ordering STAT testing in PACU. Allows automatic reporting directly back to PACU.

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